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Avatar Gin

London Dry Gin

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 43.5%

375 ml bottles.

Short Aging: Passage through French oak barrels that previously held Malbec wines for two weeks.

Extended Aging: Passage through French oak barrels that previously held Malbec wines for four weeks.

PRIMARY BOTANICALS: Juniper, pink peppercorns from Aguaribay, Aguaribay leaves, apples, raisins, green olives, and coriander seeds.

DISTILLATION SYSTEM: Artisanal 150-liter copper still.

PROCESS: Mendocino botanicals are macerated in neutral cereal alcohol for 10 days to extract only the best components. Then, traditional distillation begins to obtain the highest quality and purity alcohol, meticulously caring for the aromas. After the distillation process, resulting in a 98% alcohol beverage, it’s blended 50% with water from the thawing of the Andes in Mendoza.

Finally, this Andean-spirited Gin is aged in French oak barrels that previously held Malbec wines, to fully shape this distillate with unique flavor and color in the world.

We present two versions of this Andean distillate: the first aged for 2 weeks in oak, and the other for 4 weeks, providing a stronger wood aroma and taste, along with a slightly darker color due to increased extraction of the wine’s tannins.

TASTING NOTES: Transparent and clean, brilliant with its characteristic pink tone. It’s an intense gin where the presence of Patagonian juniper persists, the French oak wood integrates delicately, and the peppery notes of Aguaribay stand out, defining its style. Gentle spicy and fruity aromas complete its definition as a unique and very personal product. On the palate, it presents a good body, silky and balanced, with the alcohol content…

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